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Naturally Inspiring: Amanda Murphy’s New Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book!

Posted by Katie Van Amburg on Apr 15th 2019

Amanda Murphy returns with a gorgeous new book in the Free-Motion Quilting Idea Books series—and it’s inspired by nature!

Organic Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book is full of beautiful, new quilting designs based on the natural world. With 171 individual designs, you’ll have plenty of inspiration! Plus, they work wonderfully with the designs in the previous books in this series: Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book and Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book.

The River design is perfect for providing a sense of movement and direction through a quilt top. Along with this allover pattern, the book provides sashing, border, triangle, and block options for the River design.

The designs are grouped into sections based on their natural family—Water, Air, Feathers and Ferns, Leaves, Sticks and Stones, Flowers, and Fire—providing a huge variety of organic possibilities. As always, Amanda Murphy provides clear, step-by-step diagrams illustrating exactly how to pull off each impressive design.

The Paisley Feather design is great for coordinating with other patterns, and it requires no backtracking. Along with this motif, the book provides a block option for the Paisley Feather design.

The book has two helpful indexes: one sorted by family (such as Water, Air, etc.), and one sorted by element (such as Allover, Motif, Block designs, etc.). You’ll find it easy to choose the ideal design for any kind of quilting project!

The Bees design is a fun and cheerful addition to any quilt! Along with this allover pattern, the book provides a motif, two sashing options, two border options, a triangle, and two block options for this Bees design.

With designs based off the beauty of our natural world, you can’t go wrong.

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