More Thoughts on Inspiration

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Jan 10th 2019

A couple of weeks ago, we shared some of our thoughts on where we find our inspiration. This week, we're sharing even more inspiration goodness!

Sue: Everywhere... but usually when I least expect it. 

Angela: Well, I'm not really a crafter. I'm more of the writer... Most of my inspiration comes from nature, experience, and emotions.

Kelly: I enjoy experiencing colors and textures in person and being able to 'touch' things: walking around a town like Benicia and noticing rustic surfaces on the sides of the buildings, crumbling brick walls, and hazy lighting along the landscapes. I used to work in San Francisco near Britex and would spend hours in there looking at fabric and ribbons. The flower market is a great inspiration for colors and shapes.

Linda: After having a direction, ideas seem to flow more easily when I talk them over out loud. Creative friends are wonderful sounding boards and collaborators. As I'm working, I remember something someone said, and I'll try my hand at it. I'm definitely an extroverted maker.

Roxane: Pinterest. Yes, I know, it really isn't original, but I just love looking at what other people are making, doing, and cooking. It never fails to give me great ideas or new things to try.

Dawn: Talking walks at sunset: the lighting is magical and trees, leaves, sky, and people all glow.

Tristan: Many places, including everyone's favorite, Pinterest, but I'd say my most satisfying place to find it is in nature. Texture and designs abound in a leaf, a bug's wing, tree bark, rock formations, fur patterns, the flow of a stream, glimmering ripples on the water, cloud values and shapes, and color palettes galore.

Deirdre: I'm not a very visual person, more of a writer, so I'm constantly being inspired by other people's visual art. My sister, Keely Quirk, is a super talented artist, and I'm often inspired to write a story after seeing one of her pieces. 

Rachel: I often use the passions and interests of the people I'm close to for project inspiration. I am also inspired by artwork and nature.

Betsy: Anywhere and everywhere! Manhole cover? Yep. Tree bark? Yep. Vintage anything? Yep. Honestly, there's usually too MUCH inspiration and not enough time to use it all.

Alice: Conversations and brainstorming with friends. Determination to fit a square peg in a round hole. Dreams. Wacky thoughts of "what if." Quiet visualization. Pinterest

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