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More Rules for Living with a Quilter

Posted by Jen Lopez on Apr 28th 2021

Last year around this time we brought you some very handy Rules for Living with a Quilter. Now it’s about time for a refresher course. Let’s take a look at a few more ways to coexist with these creative creatures:

1. Couch hazards – Always be careful where you sit.

2. Never sit in your Quilter’s spot – Your Quilter chose their spot because it has the best lighting in the house, and you can just as easily watch Stargate from the dark side of the couch.

3. Competition for horizontal space – Do you like doing puzzles? Stamp collecting? Perhaps building model ships? You are going to have to find some other place to do that because your Quilter will use up all of the horizontal surfaces in the house.

4. No sit-down dinners – Get used to eating on the couch or while standing over the sink because your Quilter needs the dining room table for layering together their latest quilt, and the kitchen table probably has a sewing machine and a pile of fat quarters on it as well.

5. Never enough fabric – Your Quilter is just as surprised as you are that they didn’t have just the right shade of green to finish that quilt. Put your coffee in a To-Go cup and have a little trip with them to the fabric store!

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