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Make your own color rules in machine quilting!

Posted by Katie Van Amburg on May 12th 2020

Enjoy this preview of Color, Thread, & Free-Motion Quilting, available in July. 

How do you usually pick colors for your quilts? Do you play by the color rules, or do you use whatever colors you like?

In Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting, Teri Lucas invites you to be impractical—to learn the rules, then make your own!

The first section of the book focuses on color, starting with lots of helpful information on the color wheel and color theory, geared specifically toward quiltmaking. Teri also has chapters on how to use inspiration from nature to inform your quilt colors, and how to choose colors—shutting out the critics and “supposed to”s and making your own quilt color choices, based on what you like!

There’s also a whole chapter featuring Teri’s “impractical color wheels”: quilted color wheels that serve as an audition for how certain thread colors and quilting designs appear on different background colors. Through these visual guides, you can see how certain colors blend, complement, or clash—and the results may surprise!

Next is a section all about thread, from thread weight to needle choices to specialty threads, and helpful information on how to build your thread stash. The book closes with a section on machine quilting, with lots of tips about the best way to execute designs, along with 36 quilting designs.

Throughout the whole book, Teri encourages you to give yourself permission and make quilts with your favorite colors, no matter what the rules say. Your quilt, your rules! 


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