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Make Time for Quilting

Posted by Jen Lopez on Jan 20th 2021

Everyone is very busy these days. “Working from home” is basically like working around the clock. A recent poll conducted showed 64% of folks “working from home” are spending an additional 8 hours working on the weekends! How are we supposed to find time for quilting? Here are some tips on finding time for some much needed relaxation through our favorite hobby:

  • Keep your sewing station set up – I had a small place and I used to sew on my kitchen island. This meant setting up and cleaning up multiple times per day for meals. It was such a hassle that I was discouraged from even getting out my sewing stuff in the first place. I later moved to a tiny sewing table in the corner of the living room, where it could stay set up all the time. Now I can sit down to sew for just a few minutes here or there. Even a few minutes a day makes a world of difference to me.
  • Get up earlier – My other half grew up on a farm and always jokes about “getting up earlier”. I am not a morning person, but I gave this a shot and it really works! Instead of working all day and waiting to have your “me time” after you are exhausted, try getting up an hour earlier so you can get in some sewing while you’re fresh and optimistic about the day. I’ve also found that starting out the day doing something fun makes the rest of the work day seem less tedious.
  • Double dinners – Everyone needs to eat, but why waste time cooking every single day? Cook a double batch one night and enjoy no cooking and less dishes the next day. Fill your freed up time with more quilting. Get your other half to do the same thing and now you are only cooking once every four days!

I hope you can be creative and find some time for quilting today!

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