Make Doll Clothes with Chelly Wood

Make Doll Clothes with Chelly Wood

Jun 22nd 2022

Coming from a family of fabulous sewists, Chelly Wood started sewing in her early childhood, and by high school, she ran a small home business designing, sewing, and selling her personally designed handmade doll clothes. Today, she teaches her YouTube followers and Creative Spark makers doll clothes sewing techniques that range from basic stitches to advanced historical and doll cosplay sewing methods. You can find her articles and patterns featured in Doll Castle Magazine and sold by the Lammily LLC doll company.

Step inside her classroom...

How to Alter Doll Clothes Patterns

You have style, and you have grace, but what about your doll?


Chelly explains the fundamentals of pattern alteration, including how to lengthen sleeves, adjust seam allowances, and extend closures. We'll learn how to create patterns for skirts, pants, shirts, and dresses that fit your doll's unique shape -- whether we're sewing for an 18-inch doll, an 11-inch fashion doll, or even a tiny dollhouse-sized doll.


Learn to combine and alter doll clothes patterns you already own. Chelly will share her trick for resizing patterns from small to large and from large to small. Follow this course with "How to Design Your Own Doll Clothes Patterns From Scratch” and "How to Digitize Your Doll Clothes Patterns on a Budget" to master doll clothes designing with Chelly.


Students love her class. Here is what Judy Jones had to say, "This course is for anyone who sews doll clothes no matter your expertise. I love her 28" Barbie patterns and she has enough for a complete wardrobe. I have taken other doll courses out there and this course is comparable for less cost. She goes into detail about most things and I actually received the information I didn't know even though I have been into doll clothes since 2016. I consider this course to be a very good value for what is taught and she does have handouts as well."

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