Make a Classic Skirt for Your Doll with This Free Project!

Make a Classic Skirt for Your Doll with This Free Project!

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Jun 26th 2017

This free project comes from Doll Days! Sew an Everyday Wardrobe for 18" Dolls. Enjoy!

The A-line skirt is a classic style that will never be out of fashion—a staple in any doll’s closet. The scalloped hem gives this skirt a fresh, modern look. This sweet little skirt will be perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a trip to the Saturday market or sightseeing at the seaside.


Use lightweight, woven fabrics, such as quilting cotton, cotton piqué, chambray, poplin, seersucker, or shirting fabric.

• Skirt: 1 fat quarter of fabric

• Facing and waistband: 1 fat quarter of fabric

• Hook-and-loop tape (1/2˝ wide): 1/4 yard

Cutting List

Refer to the pattern pieces (download here) for specific cutting directions.

• Pattern pieces: 5 and 6

• Waistband: 1 piece 1 1/2˝ × 12 1/4˝ (can be cut on the bias for that extra Wow factor)

Making the Skirt

All seam allowances are 1/4˝ unless otherwise instructed. 

Skirt Hem

1. Finish the short, straight edges of the hem facing.

2. Pin and sew the hem facing to the lower edge of the skirt, with right sides together and edges even.

3. Clip the seam allowances to the points and clip the curves.

Tip: Use pinking shears to quickly clip curves and reduce bulk.

4. Turn the skirt facing right side out. With a point turner or your fingers, smooth out the curves and press the hem. Optional: Sew along the upper edge of the facing.

Make Great Scalloped Curves

Here are some tips to make your scalloped curves look smooth and even:

• Mark the pivot points and stitching lines. 

Taking the time to measure and mark your stitching lines makes it easier to sew great-looking scalloped curves.

• Use a short stitch length.

• Trim and clip the curves frequently to eliminate the bulk of seam allowances.

• When pressing, place the tip of the iron inside each scallop, between the skirt and lining fabrics. Press the seam allowances. Then press on top of both layers of fabric.

Press the seam allowances inside each scallop.


1. Fold the waistband in half length-wise, wrong sides together, and press.

2. Pin and sew the waistband to the skirt, with right sides together and raw edges aligned.

3. Finish the seam allowances and press them toward the skirt.

Tip: If your doll’s waist is too narrow for the skirt to stay in place, insert 3/8˝-wide elastic into the waistband before sewing the back closure.


Cut the hook-loop-tape to fit, finish the raw edges of the center back, and sew the hook-and-loop back closure.

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