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Majestic Star Quilts

Posted by Barbara H. Cline on Sep 14th 2020

I am thrilled to have my 6th quilt book published by C&T Publishing. I have said in the past this is my last book but then I get some new ideas and I just can’t wait to share the excitement of new designs and the simplicity of how a quilt is made by changing different elements. 

Notice in the Rotating Stars quilt:

The center star has the same eight pointed large diamonds that are in the 4 half stars, the diamonds are just rotated 180 degree.

Diamond Star Quilts book has all eight pointed stars that are made of diamonds, no half square triangles. There is also a progression of quilt making skills as you move from quilt to quilt.

If you have never pieced an eight pointed star this book will get you up and running. The first project has four different stars, you will learn how to piece a 12” eight pointed star block, how to cut diamonds from a strip set using a ruler or template. Then you will learn how to make a star from strip sets and then the last star is piecing smaller diamonds with larger diamonds.

If you are an advanced quilter you will find fun and adventurous projects.

I come from a close-knit family of quilters. Every year we women gather for a sewing retreat, where we quilt, sew, and follow other creative pursuits.

This year I taught two of my nieces the Wedding Star featured in my book.

At this year's sewing retreat I worked on 4 of the quilts featured in the book. This picture was taken at our sewing retreat, the little ones loved helping.

If you follow me on FB you will see I am giving a quilt away each month for 12 consecutive months.

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