Joining American and Japanese Quilting Styles

Joining American and Japanese Quilting Styles

Posted by Masako Wakayama on Jan 28th 2021

The beauty of the diverse patterns and designs of the American quilting world has been inspiring Japanese quilters for more than half a century. I myself draw much of my inspiration from the American folk aesthetic and blend these traditional elements with embroidery and crochet.

One of my greatest joys has been discovering amazing communities of quilters all over the world. Quilting extends beyond borders, and I am eternally grateful to the supportive communities with whom I share our craft. My travels have not only given me the opportunity to showcase my creations, but have also allowed me to forge relationships with other quilters, experiences that continue to inspire me in myriad ways.

Quilts are bridges between countries, between quilters, between you and me. It is with great joy that I share the projects in this book. All the projects are intended to enable quilters to enjoy many different techniques, such as appliqué, embroidery, and punch needle. Whether it’s a pouch you give a loved one, a bag you enjoy carrying about town, or a quilt that brightens your home, I hope these creations bring you as much joy in your quilting as they have brought me.


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