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Introducing Free-Motion Framework

Posted by Jen Eskridge on Apr 4th 2018

Excerpted from the introduction of Free-Motion Framework: 10 Innovative Wholecloth Quilt Designs • 8 Skill-Building Lessons by Jen Eskridge.

The quilts in this book are designed purely as a quilting skill-builder exercise that happens to produce a wholecloth quilt. The projects finish about 40” square. I found that being able to finish a project increases your confidence and willingness to approach it. Take your time, work in chunks of space, and try new things. One bite at a time, friends!

I give you ten linear designs to choose from.

One key element in practicing your quilting skills while using these linear designs is to recognize you absolutely do NOT have to use all the lines provided.

To help determine which lines to use, first decide your comfort level in quilting. By this I mean, are you planning to focus on tight, meticulous designs or would you rather have large designs? You may need a smaller, confined space for the former or a larger, open space for the latter.

Next, consider how much time you have for this project. Will this be an ongoing quilt project to work on each evening over a period of time, or is this going to be a baby quilt that you need to finish by Saturday’s shower? If you are in a hurry, choose to create larger shapes that are easier and faster to fill.

Shark Attack is one of the ten great design options. See how each quilter chose to use different design lines from the original design? The possibilities are endless.

Shark Attack

Shark Attack design; quilt by Jen Eskridge

Shark Attack design; quilt by Joanna Marsh

Shark Attack design; quilt by Jen Eskridge

Shark Attack design; quilt by Geraldine Wilkins

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