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Introducing By the Yard Comics

Posted by Jen Lopez on Feb 20th 2019

Joining the C&T Publishing blog this week is By the Yard, a webcomic about an obsessed quilter (is there any other kind?) and her model-train-loving counterpart. It is based, not coincidently, on the real life of author Jen Lopez. Jen is an engineer, cartoonist, and quilter who started cartooning in Voo Doo magazine, the only intentionally funny publication at MIT. After graduating from MIT, Jen launched her career in high tech as a video game developer. As she worked her way up through management, her cartoons took on a more corporate flair in the form of BizToons, culminating in her first book, You Can’t Fire Me, I Still Have Business Cards Left!. Finding less and less enthusiasm for software development as the years rolled on, Jen sought out new outlets for creativity by starting a sewing and quilting pattern design company, Sew Fun.

Jen created By the Yard a few years after meeting a fellow hobby fanatic online. She was into quilts, he was into trains, and they realized they had a lot in common: buying way too many hobby supplies, quitting work on one project only to start three others, and trying to beat each other to the UPS truck.

By the Yard is enjoying finding new friends everyday online from quilt fanatics to train enthusiasts and lots of others in between, including rug hookers, knitters and more. Anyone who loves to craft can enjoy By the Yard. It’s all about making things, loving the craft and the people around you, and poking fun at life’s little imperfections.

Please join us here on the C&T Publishing blog every other week for another fiber-filled installment of By the Yard. You can also find it on, on social media at, or on Instagram at @bytheyardcomics.

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