Interview with Susan R. Marth

Interview with Susan R. Marth

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Jul 26th 2017

Please welcome to the blog Susan R. Marth, the author of Dresden Quilt Workshop. She designs patterns for her business, Suzn Quilts, as well as quilting fabric and quilts for magazine publications. She attends International Quilt Market twice annually, selling to the trade. 

Where do you find your quilting or sewing inspiration?

My latest obsession is going to estate sales. I'm inspired by antique motifs and unique items that I've never seen before. These things fill my sewing room: dress forms, tiny irons, little doll beds, antique toy sewing machines, clip boards, and cutlery trays to name a few.

What is something we might not know about you?

My faith and family come first, then my sewing.

What was your favorite part of the book writing or production process?

My favorite part of the writing process was drawing the illustrations on the computer. I'm very excited to see the finished book in it's polished, completed form!

What are your go-to colors?

Green, pink, red, and black; but really, the more colors and fabrics I can put into a quilt the happier I am!

What projects are you working on right now?

More patterns for quilts with Tiny and Mini Dresden plates of course! Right now I'm designing Christmas patterns. Christmas is my favorite season to sew for. 

What’s your favorite project that you’ve made?

My Dresden Heaven quilt is my favorite. It is the first quilt that I designed that uses both my Tiny and Mini Dresden templates. Given the time, I would love to make another one, but I have so many other designs in my head that I'll probably never have time to make another Dresden Heaven. I love getting images of the quilt that others have made and seeing what fabrics they chose. It's a great quilt to use an entire fabric collection. The more fabrics the better!

Where do you shop for fabric?

Never online, only at quilt shops that I visit or directly from Moda. I'm fortunate that there are so many nice quilt shops within an hour of my home. I love to go and see the fabric in person, visit with the owners, and see what's new.

Can you share with us one quilting or sewing tip?

Since I spend a lot of time sewing alone, I like to put a movie in my DVD player to keep me company. When I'm working on the computer, either designing or writing instructions, I like to listen to smooth jazz (no pesky lyrics to distract me). These things help keep me on task and make projects go quicker.

How did you come up with the idea for your book or product?

Nothing motivates me more than going to a show and meeting with my customers. I found that a lot of quilters are obsessed with little Dresdens just like I am! I came home and started designing a variety of quilts that use either one or both of my little Dresden templates and thought they would be fun put into a book.

What is the one tool or notion you can’t live without?

Mary Ellen's Best Press and Roxanne Glue. I know that's two (and it was hard narrowing it down to just two) but together they help to make my little Dresdens very precise. Tools can make all the difference. When you invest in the right tools, they help make your quilting process go smoothly & your finished quilts beautiful.

Thank you, Susan!

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