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In my Head, I'm Quilting

Posted by Jen Lopez on Jun 24th 2020

As a busy Mom and small business owner, I’m always busy. Everyone and everything is always demanding my time, and most of the time I just want to be quilting. Although I can’t be sitting at my sewing machine all the time, I’ve found ways to sneak in some quilting time.

  • Graph Paper Notebooks – It’s no secret that I love office supplies and none more than graph paper notebooks. I have them in my car, on the couch, on every desk I own, even in my work bag (back when I used to have a respectable day job). I prefer the 4 square to the inch variety. I can sketch out a quilt idea and play with block design while enduring other must-do tasks like: waiting for an appointment or suffering through a boring teleconference.
  • Project in a Bag – Have some hand sewing to do, like a Grandma’s Flower Garden or Yo-Yo quilt?I just pop those little parts into a zip lock baggie and take them wherever I’m going. Grade school recital? Visit to the in-laws? You can sew the whole time and still look like you are sort-of paying attention!
  • Pretending to Clean – My family still hasn’t caught on to this one yet. Fortunately (or not?) they spend so little time cleaning themselves that they wouldn’t recognize the act if they saw it. I just tell them I’m “cleaning” my office/studio, when I’m really re-arranging my stash and trying out different fabric and color combinations in preparation for my next quilting project.

However you manage to find it, I hope you can sneak in some quilting time today!

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