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How to Make Landscape Art Quilts with Joyce Becker

May 5th 2022

Joyce Becker is a quilt artist, Creative Spark instructor, and best-selling author. She has traveled the globe teaching and lecturing landscape quilting to thousands of quilters. Joyce is elated to teach on Creative Spark and have the opportunity to reach a wider audience across the globe in the comfort of your homes. 

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Joyce’s latest book, Beautiful Landscape Quilts, covers her best-kept secrets for creating Landscape Art Quilts. She doesn’t feel art quilts need to be perfect or created to impress others, rather spark joy in the creator. 


Her sense of humor and ability to take risks in her work is something she hopes to inspire in her students. Joyce loves to give feedback to her students so be sure to send her your questions while in class!

Step inside her classroom...

Quick Little Landscape Quilts

Becker_marking your quilt

Create a realistic Quick Little Landscape Quilt built on a Heavy Fast2Fuse Interfacing and matted and framed for easy display. Joyce guides you through everything you need to know to create smaller works of art, from raw-edge appliqué and free-motion techniques to design and color tips. This course is perfect for those who want to start their landscape art quilt journey with smaller-sized projects. As the saying goes, if you can't climb Mt. Everest, create a little landscape quilt instead.

Beautiful Landscape Quilts Lecture


This humorous presentation includes motivational dialogue about the trials and errors of quilting and a reminder that perfection is never required when on your quilting journey. The lecture also features 35 of Joyce’s most famous realistic landscape quilts. You’ll walk away feeling inspired and ready to start your own landscape journey- plus, don’t miss the special guest when Joyce shows her quilt “Blondie’s Garden” where Blondie, the Cocker Spaniel, makes a very special appearance.

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