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How To Elevate Your Tablescape

Sep 15th 2022

As our calendars quickly fill with social gatherings, we think more often about the presentation of our homes and, most of all, how to create the desired atmosphere. Do you want casual and comfy, welcoming and semi-formal, formal and elegant, or fun and colorful? 

Let us let you in on a little interior design secret: Whether it be a dinner party, wedding, birthday party, anniversary dinner for two, or a spontaneous soiree, the first place people look at is the table. 

We gathered our best tablescape ideas and now present to you the perfect online courses to walk you through each step of the way.

Ombré Fabric Table Runner

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The best color hack! Foolproof colorwork made easy with ombré fabrics. You'll get comprehensive color instruction on working with ombrés while creating an artful, reversible table runner in Boost Your Color Confidence with Ombré Fabrics, an online course on Creative Spark taught by Jennifer Sampou.

Sampou_Table Runner from Boost__Banner_02

Jennifer, our resident expert on all things ombré is an author, teacher, pattern designer, and fabric designer. Her popular ombré fabric line, SKY, has inspired many of her patterns and projects including her book Ombré Quilts. She lives and breathes color and will share her experience with you so you can become more color confident. What you learn about ombrés will be practiced while creating an artful, reversible table runner with extensive instruction on construction, finishing, and matchstick quilting. This course is ideal for both beginners and seasoned sewists.

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Ice Dyed Napkins

Koolish_Ice Dyed Napkins

Ice dyeing is all the rage--anyone can do it. Achieve incredible colors and patterns unique to the ice dyeing process with fiber artist Lynn Koolish's Creative Spark online course, Ice Dyeing: Basics and Beyond.

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Begin your ice dye journey with a comprehensive handout and a list of all tools and supplies needed. Lynn guides you through an overview of the ice dye process and the basics of applying the dye. Discover how colors split, mix, and blend as you learn to use tools and props to control where the colors go to make patterns and textures. Lynn then dives deep into techniques for folding, tying, and gathering the fabric to get specific designs and motifs. After the dyeing, you'll learn how to process the fabric.

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Clay Dinnerware


Clay kitchenware is all the rage on social media, but it has also been a long-lived popular art form for so much longer! It's a common misconception that you need a potter's wheel to work with clay, but Vicki Conley shows you how to make a simple mold without one and clay forms with your hands, a technique known as hand-building pottery, in her Hand-Building Pottery: Clay Dinnerware course. Vicki has been a professional potter for over 40 years and is excited to share her expertise!

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There is no need for a potter's wheel for this course; styrofoam makes for a cost-effective material to create simple molds for soft clay slabs. Charming clay plates, bowls, and cups are easy-to-make with Vicki's hand-building pottery tips and tricks. You'll also learn how to use block printing linoleum to impress designs on your clay pieces. Whether you want to gift clay dinnerware, impress your friends, or enjoy a relaxing hobby, this pottery course is open to all skill levels.

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