How to Bead: Lace

How to Bead: Lace

Posted by Mary Stori on Mar 31st 2016

Did you know beading can be used on the binding of quilts to create a gentle frame or a dramatic impact? It can also be used on ribbon, trim, napkins, pillows, bed linens, or even curtains! Mary Stori, author of All-in-One Beading Buddy, shares the single, consecutive, and double versions of a particularly lovely beading technique for bindings: lace. 

Single Lace Unit

The reduced stitch length allows the seed bead units to bow.

1. Come up at A, string 7 seed beads, and position beads in a line to the left of A.

2. Re-enter fold between 5th and 6th beads, at B. Do not pierce previous thread.

3. Travel under fold, and come up about one needle length away, at C. Repeat.

Consecutive Lace

Apply this as a taller version of the Single Lace Unit on seamline as shown, or on the fold of the binding.

1. Come up at A, string 9 seed beads, go down between 5th and 6th beads, at B.

2. Come up at C (close to end of last bead), string 9 seed beads, go down between the 5th and 6th, at D. Repeat the sequence.

Double Lace

Two rows of seed bead units provide a fuller lace-like appearance.

1. Come up at A, on seamline of binding, and complete one row of Consecutive Lace around quilt (Row 1). 

2. For Row 2, come up at B, just below seamline (in body of quilt) and centered under 1st arch of Row 1.

3. Add seed beads to reach center of next arch in Row 1 at C. Repeat around quilt.

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