How to Bead: Feather Stitch

How to Bead: Feather Stitch

Posted by Mary Stori on Apr 6th 2016

We love this feather beading stitch from Mary Stori, author of All-in-One Beading Buddy! How perfect is it to add to a crazy quilt or along the hem of a dress?

Work this stitch along a horizontal line using a backstitch.

1. Draw a 45° reference line (or estimate by eye). Come up at A, string a bugle bead, position at desired angle, go down at the very end of bead at B.

2. Come back up at C, add another bead, position bead at same angle, go down at D, repeat to end of line.

3. Bottom row: Come up just below last bead, at G. Add another bugle bead, positioned at proper angle. Go down at I. Work back to start.

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