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Hack That Tote! Blog Tour Kickoff

Posted by Mary Abreu on Sep 27th 2016

My website is called  Confessions of a Craft Addict, so it seems appropriate to start talking about my third book with a bit of a confession: Hack that Tote! was not supposed to be my third book.

When I contacted Roxane Cerda, the acquisitions editor at C&T, I proposed a completely different book. But in my email, I made a passing reference to the project I teach in my learn-to-sew class and how I give my students the foundation for hacking (or modifying) that project. Roxane came back to me and asked, "What would that book look like?" and the next thing I knew, I was watching this unexpected detour flow onto the page.

Hack that Tote!—as I write in the book's introduction—is more than just a book of projects. It's a book of inspirational building blocks, designed to help you mix and match elements to make *your* perfect bag. It was important to me to not just give instructions for how to duplicate my designs but to tell you the why and how of modifying the patterns to get different results.

One of my favorite hacks from the book is this wee sewing-themed fabric purse, which is a scaled-down version of the Tubular Frame Purse on the cover of the book. It's a great size for my daily essentials and small enough that I don't fill it up with every receipt that I acquire! It's about a third of the size of the bag in the book, so I modified the handles to work with the smaller size.

The mindset in creating this book inspired me to ask each of the talented folks taking part in the Hack that Tote! blog tour to pick a project and talk about how she'd modify it and really make it "hers." I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's responses, and I hope you'll follow along on this journey, too!

9/27 C&T
9/28 Sue O’Very
9/29 Gen Q Teri Lucas
9/30 Patty Murphy
10/1 Vanessa Lynch
10/2 Lindsay Conner
10/3 Stephanie Moore
10/4 Katy Cameron
10/5 Kim Niedzwiecki

10/6 Mary Abreu

C&T Publishing is graciously giving away a copy of  Hack That Tote! to one lucky reader of this blog, as well as a copy on each stop of the tour! (Printed copy for those in the U.S.; ebook outside of the U.S.) Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway. Good luck!

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