Gorgeous Costuming for the Feet!

Gorgeous Costuming for the Feet!

Oct 7th 2021

Are you interested in dipping your toes into the wide world of cosplay? Cosplay, or the art of bringing your favorite characters to life, is a hobby with limitless creativity that encompasses all types of characters and designs. When it comes to creating your own cosplay, the possibilities are endless. However there's one article of clothing that every cosplay needs, from schoolgirls to futuristic princesses to armor-clad warriors. Footwear!

My name is Regan, and my wife Kelley and I cosplay under the name Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay. We're long-time veteran cosplayers who've been part of this whimsical, creative hobby for the past twenty years! Our focus is on cosplay education and creating fantastical, intricate designs that involve an enormous array of techniques, including needlework, armormaking, wigwork, prosthetics, special effects and more.

Our passion and love of cosplay has taken us around the world, judging international contests and hosting guest panels to teach newcomers some of our favorite tips and tricks. As the 2019 Global Champion of Cosplay, I'm always looking to tackle even more creative projects, and I'm so excited to be releasing our second cosplay book this fall with C&T Publishing!

Choosing the right footwear can be tricky for new and veteran cosplayers alike. Often characters' shoes are just as outrageous as their outfits, which means that an off-the-rack pair simply won't do. Instead, many cosplayers choose to customize their own footwear.

There's a variety of options when it comes to custom looks, and in our book Fabulous Cosplay Footwear our goal is to prove an easy-to-read, one stop shop to guide aspiring cosplayers through creating any type of footwear they might need in the future. Packed with inspirational photos and how-tos, we cover some of the most popular cosplay footwear types, including custom shoes, tights, thigh highs, and boot covers. This book also includes two variable patterns that can be customized for a variety of shoe sizes and types, no matter what your future cosplay project!



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