Get Back into Garment Sewing!

Get Back into Garment Sewing!

Posted by Debbie Rodgers on Mar 19th 2018

I have been sewing clothes since I was ten years old. Projects I’ve sewn include swimsuits, shirts, pants, vests, coats, jackets, and even my wedding dress. I’ve learned a lot in the decades I’ve been playing with fabric. The thing is, sometimes the clothes fit, but other times I definitely wished they would have fit better. For the last several years, I’ve concentrated more on quilt and craft sewing, but now that I have Barbara Emodi’s book Sew … The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge to help me, I’m ready to get back into the clothes-sewing game.

Barbara starts at the beginning, sharing all sorts of ideas about deciding what to sew, including thinking about what types of clothing you might need based on your activities.

She discusses what to look for in a pattern, how to read the envelope and guide sheet, and why the line drawings will tell you more than the fashion photos and illustrations. And she even tells you when to ignore the pattern directions! Barbara also provides a personal measurement chart and extensive details about how to alter patterns to fit your measurements.

Barbara also discusses fabric, including information about various fibers, and several hints about how to choose the right fabric for the garment you want to sew.

Then, to help you sew, she shares her suggestions on how to set up your sewing station and what tools are handy to have. She explains the uses for various presser feet for your sewing machine, how to deal with common sewing machine problems, and everything else you need to know to sew better than you ever have before.

Sew…The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge is full of tips, mini lessons, techniques, and tricks to help make sewing new clothes fun and enjoyable. I can’t wait to get started!

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