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From Bacon to Skiing: Quilting Inspiration

Posted by Lynn Koolish on Jun 10th 2015

In her latest book, author and popular blogger Cheryl Arkison follows the path of what to do when “...husbands, friends, parents, kids, and even store clerks had these ideas of what could make a cool quilt,” and thus was born You Inspire Me To Quilt.

Cheryl and eight contributors each explain their creative process in turning requests and elements of everyday life into unique quilts. Along the way the quiltmakers (all popular bloggers and designers) share their thoughts on everything from inspiration to making mistakes.

Projects include all kinds of ideas, from turning old ski parkas into a snuggly family quilt to a quilt about bacon (as the quilt designer’s husband said, “I usually help sandwich quilts, and everyone knows that bacon goes good with a sandwich”).

There are also ideas about getting your family (including the kids) involved in the process.

Complete instructions are included for all the projects, but who knows, you may discover that you want to make your own inspired quilt. You can check out all the projects and inspiration by purchasing the book here

All photography by Kate Inglis.