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Free-Motion Quilting from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Posted by Jenny K. Lyon on Aug 3rd 2018

Excerpt from Free-Motion Quilting from Ordinary to Extraordinary: 3 Steps to Joyful Machine Stitching in 21 Days by Jenny K. Lyon.


I’ve written this book for the free-motion quilter who is at a crossroads. Maybe you’ve taken a few classes, limped through a few projects, or even quilted a few quilts. But you’re frustrated. You want to confidently quilt all those fabulous tops in your stash, but you’re afraid. You’re not ready to quilt your “special” quilts.

I know that anyone who wants to free-motion quilt can do it, but how do you become a joyful and confident free-motion quilter?

Start your journey with the Inspiration chapter and learn how to find and collect images that inspire you. Use that base to create your own motifs to put on your quilts to make them more meaningful.

Morning Breeze

Then, in the Before You Take a Stitch chapter, take an in-depth look at the decisions you make—on batting, fabric, needles, tension, thread—that significantly affect the quilting process and your quilting experience.

At the heart of this book is a three-step plan to show you how to bridge the gap between ordinary and extraordinary free-motion quilting, without endless and boring practice.

In Step 1: 21 Days of “Plactice” (play/practice), I present a roadmap to build up your confidence and skills.

Plactice on sandwiches can be fun. Play around with different motifs or combinations.

In Step 2: Five to Learn On, you’ll learn approachable and fun projects that prepare you to move on to more challenging quilts: postcards, panel quilts, quilting from the back, quilt-as-you-go, and cutwork. Choose the one(s) that appeal to you the most.

Jane’s Garden, 42˝ x 60˝, quilt using the design on the backing fabric

In Step 3: Your Personal Quilting World, learn to create a quilting world to suit just you, including only the types of quilting you are passionate about. I encourage you to show others the beautiful quilts you have made and to join a group with like-minded quilters.

I’ve also included my own Gallery of Quilts to show my journey from traditional quilts to the wholecloth quilts I make today. I share some of my triumphs and challenges along the way.

Bend, Don’t Break, 21˝ × 14"

This book will help you confidently quilt the projects you long to quilt, whether you are a traditional, modern, art, or any other kind of quilter.

You can quilt those “special” quilts; you can even enter your quilts in shows if that’s your thing. With a little play and a plan, you can be the rockstar quilter you want to be!

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