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Free Project: Queen Anne Steps Quilt

May 25th 2022

The following project, Queen Anne Steps, and excerpt is from Quilt As You Go Made Modern by Jera Brandvig.

Queen Anne Steps

11059_set quilt_queen_1920_1080

This quilt reminds me of Seattle’s Queen Anne steps. They’re hidden in plain sight and are great for an urban hike. This is a really sweet and simple design that uses a modern twist on the traditional Rail Fence block.

Quilt size: 48 ½˝ × 60 ½˝ Block size: 12˝ × 12˝ finished, 12 ½˝ × 12 ½˝ trimmed

What you need

Fabric yardages are based on 40˝ usable width. Remove selvages before cutting. 

  • Fabric for blocks: 1¹⁄8 yard each of 3 coordinating prints 
  • Batting: 1½ yards of batting or twin-size prepackaged batting 
  • Backing: 3 yards (or 1½ yards 90˝–108˝ wide) • Binding: ½ yard

Block Assembly

11059_queen anne block

Queen Anne Steps block. Make 20.

1. From each print, cut 7 strips 5˝ × the width of fabric to yield 21 total strips. With scissors, subcut each strip into 3 strips approximately 5˝ × 14˝. 

2. Cut 20 batting squares 13 ½˝ × 13 ½˝. 

3. Place a strip, right side up, to cover the left edge of a batting block. Tilt it slightly to the right. Quilt the fabric strip directly onto the batting. I kept it simple and quilted wavy lines that run parallel to the slant of each strip. Fig. A

11059_FIG A

Quilt Construction

1. Arrange the blocks in a 4-block × 5-row formation, rotating every other block so that the strips form zigzags. Sew together 4 blocks to form a row. Repeat until you have 5 rows. 

2. Sew together the 5 rows to form the quilt top.

11059_quilt construction

Start by choosing a print that you are in love with at first sight. This print will become the centerpiece of your quilt. Then, find 2 other prints to complement it.

4. Add a strip, matching the tilt of the first. Press open and quilt the new strip. Fig. B 

11059_FIG B

5. Repeat Step 4 with a third strip, completely covering the batting. Fig. C 

11059_FIG C

6. Repeat Steps 3–5 to make 20 blocks.

Square Up Your Blocks 

Use the Improvisational Square-Up Technique with a 12 1/2˝ square ruler.

Finish the Quilt 

Cut the backing fabric in half across the width of fabric to yield 2 rectangles 54˝ × width of fabric. Trim the selvages and sew together along a 54˝ length. Press. Alternatively, cut a piece of wide backing fabric to measure 57˝ × 69˝. 

For information about attaching the backing fabric and binding, see Finish It!.

11059_queen anne steps_finished quilt

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