Free Project: Garden Tote Bag with TAP™

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This tote bag project makes the perfect summer gift for mom or a gal pal. It demonstrates the technique of printing an image onto a sheet of TAP™ Transfer Artist Paper then enhancing the printed image with oil pastels before transferring the image on to the base in the project (in this case a very clean, white tote bag).

Garden Tote

By Lesley Riley


  • TAP™ Transfer Artist Paper
  • Iron
  • Plain tote bag from craft store (white or light colors work best)
  • Portfolio oil pastels (available at Staples in the children’s section)
  • Optional: basket photo (see below)
  • Low-tack tape
  • 2 sheets of clean copy or parchment paper


1. Print or draw a basket onto a sheet of TAP. To maximize drawing area, place basket on one of the long sides of TAP. If using a photo and photo-editing software, erase areas of the basket for leaves & flowers (See sample).

2. Draw and/or color leaves and flowers directly onto the sheet of TAP.

3. Iron out any fold lines or wrinkles on the tote bag.

4. Insert 1 sheet of copy paper inside the tote.

5. Position prepared TAP face down on tote and tape in place. Note: Oil pastels will smear if moved when in contact with tote.

6. Cover TAP with clean sheet of paper and iron until transfer is complete.

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