Four-Patch Easy Stack Blocks

Four-Patch Easy Stack Blocks

Posted by Paula Doyle on Mar 29th 2018

Excerpt from Easy Stack Quilts: Fast, Fun & Fabulous Kaleidoscope Quilts for Fabric Lovers by Paula Doyle. 

Four-Patch Blocks

This is the simplest and most versatile of the Easy Stack blocks to make. Each set of four squares will give you four design options to play with before you piece the block.

Arrangement 1

Arrangement 2

Arrangement 3

Arrangement 4

This double-size quilt was made with Four-Patch blocks and six different fabrics. The fabrics chosen all reflect lush tropical flora and fauna to evoke memories of childhood visits to Iguaçu Falls and of growing up in Brazil. This setting might provide you with an opportunity to showcase blocks that reflect a nostalgic look backward or perhaps an optimistic look forward on key aspects of life.

Aquarela do Brasil

Detail Shot of Aquarela do Brasil

Detail Shot of Aquarela do Brasil

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