Footwear made Fabulous!

Footwear made Fabulous!

Posted by Beth Baumgartel on Sep 21st 2021

Sometimes, it’s all about the shoes! 

Footwear tends to make or break an outfit, and that is never truer than for Cosplay. This book from the creative duo of Cowbutt Chrunchies takes all the stress out of finding the perfect footwear. They explain clearly and simply, with words and photographs, how to make you own boot and shoe covers, custom-dye tights, and make thigh-highs.

The book also includes two patterns, one for the boot covers and one for illusion shorts (the top half of thigh highs). They even provide guidance on how to paint and embellish shoes and boots from your closet or from your favorite shoe store. You might find yourself customizing your entire shoe stash!


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