Posted by Roxane Cerda on Jul 8th 2014

Flattered, humbled, and just flat-out amazed also sum up my reaction to finding out that Sam Hunter, of Hunter’s Design Studio, made this amazing bucket for me!

Hunter Roxane Bucket

Remember the thrill you got when you were young and found one of those personalized whatever-they-ares with your name on it? Well, I don’t! That kid was never me. My name was never among the selection of whatever cup, pen, necklace, keychain, or whatever that was for sale and on the very, very few occasions it was there, the spelling wasn’t right. I blame my mother, but then I went and did the same thing to my daughter so I hope she grows up to love her name as much as I do even though it never comes pre-printed on anything. All that is to say that I got the biggest thrill when Sam sent me a snapshot of this project from her new book, Quilt Talk.

The excitement over the snapshot was nothing in comparison to the thrill of having it arrive at my house! I love this thing and not just because it has my name on it. I love it because Sam took the time to make it. She made it using fabric from a designer I’ve known and loved for years (Patty Young of MODKID), and to top it off, the workmanship is nothing short of amazing. The letters are so detailed and crisp! I’m in love with a bucket. No, really, I am.

Her new book, Quilt Talk, offers up a full font. Yes, I know it says alphabet on the front of her book, but I’m going to take exception to this and say that really, come on, it’s a font. It has all 26 letters in both lower and upper case, a full set of punctuation marks, symbols, and numerals. AND, she includes 12 projects that are all as cute, clever, and cheeky as the author herself. Check it out. I dare you to not want to try out your own quilt once you get a glimpse inside.

Last but not least, thank you, Sam. My inner little girl is still gleeful!