First Look at Sew Very Easy Quilt Favorites!

First Look at Sew Very Easy Quilt Favorites!

Posted by Linda Johnson on Jan 27th 2020

It's Sewtacular

A new book by Laura Coia is about to hit the shelves and you won't want to miss it. Sew Very Easy Quilt Favorites will be your go-to source for easy, yet stunning quilts.

Have you ever watched Laura Coia's Sew Very Easy video channel? I'll admit she wasn't on my radar until fairly recently. But now that I know who she is and what she does, I can't get enough. Her new book, Sew Very Easy Quilt Favorites, features 12 quilts that have been the most sought after and asked for quilts from her video channel. What a treasure trove it is!

Laura's quilt-making philosophy is simple: have fun, be happy, create with joy! And, she helps you achieve just that. The quilts selected for her first book are simple and straight forward. Some of them may look complicated, but Laura breaks down the construction and presents them in a common sense, step-by-step fashion. Regardless of your sewing level, the patterns (and videos if you care to watch along) are accessible to all. In her introduction she encourages you to follow your own path, pick the fabrics that speak to you, and create the quilts you'll be happy making.

Oh, Là, Là, Coco Chenille

When you get your hands on this book, check out the quilt called Oh, Là, Là, Coco Chenille! What could be more simple than working with squares, right? But check out the chenille embellishment and how it's applied. It's so easy (uh, uh, there I go!) to sew the chenille ribbon to the quilt and create that little extra bit of puff that makes this quilt shine. Depending on the fabric choices, this pattern could become a little boy's dinosaur quilt, a college student's cherished university quilt, or a parent's special golf-, camping-, or sewing machine-themed quilt. It's all about the fabric choices!

Chevron Chic

A quick look-through reveals several strip-based quilts such as Jelly Roll Race Made Modern, Basket Weave, or Chevron Chic – all of which use strips in different ways to create quilts. She's included faux-miters (so cool!), precuts, disappearing half-square triangles, simple partial seams, quick-construct half log cabins, and fat quarter quilts. There is even a free-form pattern that borders on improv construction. And don't forget the distressed denim quilt that is sure to impress! Give me a ripper and let me at it!

There is something for everyone in this collection of favorites, so go ahead, and have yourself a Sewtacular day with Laura!


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