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Feeling Scrappy?

Posted by Kathryn Patterson on May 21st 2020

If social distancing and health concerns have you feeling a little cranky, we’ve got a quilter’s cure! Judy Gauthier’s new book, Sensational Quilts for Scrap Lovers, is packed with 11 beautiful quilt designs, cover-to-cover scrumptious color, and easy techniques for making the most of your scrap fabric stash.

Your fabric collection is full of opportunities for awesome quilts, with the right tips and techniques from an experienced teacher. Judy’s book starts with cutting strategies for getting the most out of scrap fabrics, a task that puts many quilters off when contemplating a scrap quilt. With Judy’s “cookie cutter” technique, you’ll be the master of your stash in no time!

Next comes advice on color selection, including how to “marry” fabrics that don’t seem to go together, and how to hide bizarre fabrics in a scrappy design.

And then…there are the quilts! It’s easy for scrap quilt designs to become chaotic, but Judy’s quilts are cohesive, colorful, and creative. Most are easy enough even for beginning quilters, with a few more challenging designs perfect for experienced stitchers. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Let Sensational Quilts for Scrap Lovers help you turn that pile, drawer, or closet full of fabric scraps into quilts to warm and decorate your home for years to come. Now is the perfect time for scrap quilting!


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