Embroidery Stitching Handy Pocket Guide

Embroidery Stitching Handy Pocket Guide

Posted by Christen Brown on Aug 28th 2018

Let me introduce you to my latest book, the Embroidery Stitching Handy Pocket Guide—and what a little cutie it is! This diminutive book is 4″ x 6″ and will fit easily into your sewing basket or pouch. It is the perfect size to bring to class or bring along when stitching with friends.

There are over thirty stitches included in the sixty-four pages, with suggestions on materials, threads, ribbons, embellishments, and more. Other important sections are Defining a Stitch, Working the Stitches, and What, Where, When, which includes stitch placement ideas. Also included are images of twenty embroidered pieces that use many of the stitches.

Americana Kitsch

I just finished this project, which is a version of my Hankies and Lace Wall Hanging class that I teach. I used every one of the stitches included in the book. The stitches include traditional embroidery stitches worked in cotton floss, silk-ribbon embroidery stitches worked in 7mm silk ribbon, and bead embroidery stitches worked in several sizes of seed beads and glass charms.

The stitches include:

Blanket Stitch, Blanket Stitch Short-Long-Short, Blanket Stitch Closed

Chain Stitch, Chain Stitch Double, Chain Stitch Feathered

Chevron Stitch, Cretan Stitch, Herringbone Stitch, Cross Stitch

Feather Stitch, Feather Stitch Single, Maidenhair Fern Stitch

Fly Stitch, Fly Stitch Stacked, Fern Stitch Modern

Coral Stitch, Outline Stitch, Couched Stitch, French Knot Stitch, Stamen Stitch, Pistil Stitch

Lazy Daisy Stitch, Lazy Daisy Plated Stitch, Looped Tendril Stitch

Bullion Stitch, Bullion Stitch Rose

Ribbon Stitch, Pointed Petal Stitch, Woven Rose Stitch

Single Bead Stitch, Bead Combination Stitch, Stacked Bead Stitch

Americana Kitsch top, close up

Several hankies and table linens were used to create the middle section. The border is comprised of little bits of fabric left over from other projects. I included some vintage rick rack trim to cover the seam of the border. I used quite a few buttons, both old and new, and of course I had to include my ladybugs and bees! I also embellished the piece with beads, two celluloid acorn charms, and glass and acrylic flower charms.

On the author page of the pocket guide, you will find an image of ruled lines that can be used for accurate stitch spacing. For some of the stitches, I used my fast2mark Embroidery Stencils, Essential Collection. I suggest that you use an air-erasable pen to mark the lines and images.

Americana Kitsch bottom, close up

Thank you for stopping by and happy stitching to you all! 


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