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Dryad Fabric Blog Tour + Free Project

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Feb 9th 2016

Welcome to our blog for the Dryad fabric line blog tour!

Shannon Brinkley's gorgeous debut line of fabric, from Fabri-Quilt, was inspired by trees; appropriate since her very first book, Scrappy Bits Appliqué, had not one but four projects inspired by their beauty! So for our stop on the blog tour, we decided to share one of those projects, the Fallen Leaves Throw Pillows–a perfect way to use up the scraps from this fabric line, once you've finished making all the other beautiful projects these fabrics are sure to inspire.

Fallen Leaves Throw Pillows

size shown: 16˝ × 16˝
This is a fun and quick project, perfect for those who want to try out the style but maybe don’t want to start with a whole quilt. This project makes both pillows.


Makes 2 pillows.

Background: 1 yard
Back of pillows: 1 yard
Backing (will be on the inside of the pillows): 1 3/8 yards
Various teal and green fabrics: 1/2 yard total
Various orange and yellow fabrics: 1/2 yard total
Fusible web: 2 yards
Lightweight, nonfusible interfacing: 1/2 yard

Additional supplies

Thread: clear polyester, white, blue, orange
Zippers, 16˝: 2
Pillow forms, 16˝ × 16˝: 2


For the pillows, you will have 4 panels: a front and a back for each of the 2 pillows. Rather than basting and quilting 4 different panels (which you can certainly do, if you prefer), I like to piece them all together so I only have to baste and quilt once.


Cut 1 piece 18˝ × 36˝.
Back of pillows
Cut 1 piece 18˝ × 36˝.
Cut 2 pieces 18˝ × 18˝.

Prepare the Pillow Top

1. Piece the background with the back-of-pillows fabric lengthwise (along the 36˝ side).  

2. Draw a line with a marking tool down the center of the piece, perpendicular to the seam. 

Prepare the Collage Fabric

1. Apply fusible web to the back of the orange, yellow, teal, and green fabric.

2. After the web is applied, remove the paper and cut the fabric using the random mosaic technique.

Make the Pillows

1. Print out the  2 leaf patterns and tape them to your table.

2. Place the interfacing on top of the template patterns and tape it in place.

3. Using chalk (or another marking tool), trace the leaves onto the interfacing.

4. Remove the tape and pattern, and place the interfacing on an ironing board or protected table. Begin collaging the fabric. Do not worry if fabric goes outside the lines; you will cut out the leaves. Press the collage as you complete each section.

5. Topstitch the leaves using clear thread.

6. Flip the interfacing over and cut out the leaves on the drawn line. Do not worry if you cut some stitches; all loose stitches will be caught when the leaves are appliquéd onto the background.

7. Place each leaf in the center of its panel. Be sure each leaf is completely flat and smoothed out, and then pin it in place. 

8. Embroider around all the edges of the leaves, using a satin stitch with thread that matches each leaf.


1. Baste the backing, batting, and pieced pillow fronts and backs.

2. Quilt as desired.

3. Cut along the seam between the leaves and the back of the pillow fabric, as well as along the line drawn down the center. You should have 4 equal panels. Trim each to a 16 1/2˝ square with the leaves centered. 

Install the Zipper

1. Place the right side of the zipper on the bottom edge of the right side of a leaf panel, and pin in place. 

2. Using a zipper foot, sew the zipper to the panel with about a 1/4˝ seam allowance.

3. Line up the leaf panel with the back of the pillow, right sides together. Pin the right side of the zipper to the right side of the bottom edge of the pillow back. Sew the zipper to that panel. 

4. Press the seams away from the zipper.

Put Together the Pillow

1. With right sides facing, line up the 2 panels and pin in place. Unzip the zipper about halfway.

2. Sew around the 3 pinned sides with a 1/4˝ seam allowance. Trim the corners.

3. Unzip the zipper completely and turn the pillow cover right side out. Press the finished pillow cover.

4. Repeat for the other pillow.

5. Insert the pillow forms, gently filling the corners, and zip the covers closed.

I quilted the veins inside the leaves and whimsical swirls on the back-ground to imply wind.

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For a chance to win a copy of Scrappy Bits Appliqué plus a bundle of 20 fat quarters from Shannon's new fabric line, enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Congratulations to Lee, winner of this giveaway! We're sure you'll find something beautiful to make!

Plus! Angela Walters is offering 10% off of Dryad fabrics from her shop, Quilting Is My Therapy, during the hop using the promo code DRYAD. 

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