Dream Believers

Posted by Laurel Burch Studio team on Mar 16th 2017

"The purpose of my art is to inspire living from the heart. I want to create in a way that celebrates life in the most intimate and precious ways possible, for ourselves and for each other." ~Laurel Burch

You can feel the passion and love in an artist when you discover saved piles of love notes, quotes, drawings, and artwork in printed faxes. Yes, in printed fax records! In the heyday of the fax machine, Laurel Burch used whatever new technology existed to spread positive messages and inspire others. And when Aarin Burch (daughter of Laurel Burch) and the Laurel Burch Studios team set out to curate Laurel Burch Dream Believers, they had no idea they’d discover such magic in old, elaborate fax communications, faxes that Laurel would send to both friends and fans alike.

Laurel’s true zest for life inspired and uplifted a timeless, cross-cultural generation. She had a beautiful essence about her that’s reflected in each of her creations. Even from her early journey as an artist in the '60s in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, she sought to bring connectedness through selling, trading, and sharing her creations for others to enjoy. She designed jewelry and handcrafted each piece by hammering coins, wire, and other found objects against a frying pan. It should come as no surprise that Laurel would have created such elaborate faxes. As a self-taught artist, Laurel drew from her passion, imaginative nature, and love for life. Even through her battle with her health, she was busy in her studio painting mythical worlds and characters, bringing them to life on paper and canvas as a journey into a world of new meaning.

Laurel Burch Dream Believers is a collection of her work and her inspiring journey as an artist. This book is the first of its kind, an archive of Laurel’s quotes, original paintings, love letters, and notes. It’s a gift to the world bearing her vision: for everyone to feel connected, inspired, and seen. Laurel wanted everyone to believe in their dreams and blossom in their own kind of beauty. We hope you treasure this gift book as much as she treasured inspiring others.

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