Dive into eye-catching contemporary weaving

Dive into eye-catching contemporary weaving

Jan 23rd 2023

Contemporary Weaving is one of the most stunning books on our list this season, with photography so lovely that it's enough reason to purchase the book alone. Luckily, Allyson Rousseau is also both an expert in her field and an incredible teacher.


She has crafted a book that guides, inspires, and allows readers to build a weaving practice that is uniquely their own.


Her hope is that you can enjoy the craft's calming effect. She further describes the calming effect in the book's introduction: "For some, weaving can be a kind of meditation—an activity that's practiced in solitude with great focus, that is as quiet as the sounds of their hands moving across the loom."


Step-by-step projects include home decor, accessories, and practical items. A special note on the projects from the author: "The instructions were designed in a way that enables you to recreate the project exactly as the images show while still leaving opportunities for some modifications based on your own tools, materials, and personal style."


Rousseau's sense of color, passion for weaving as a part of her lifestyle, and attention to detail make this book one of a kind.


Preorder Contemporary Weaving. Available on March 25, 2023.