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Dessert, Anyone?

Posted by Kathryn Patterson on Jun 6th 2019

Vanessa Goertzen’s upcoming book, Jelly Filled, is packed with eighteen delicious quilt patterns made with luscious fabrics and fun techniques. Clean, modern color palettes, graphic shapes, and inspiring quilting combine to make these quilts some of the yummiest you’ll find anywhere!

Vanessa’s designs range from super simple, like the tasty Marbled Cheesecake, to moderately challenging (check out Queen of Diamonds, a stripey confection made with strip sets).

Marbled Cheesecake

Queen of Diamonds

These quilt “recipes” are easy to follow, and the book includes tips for making all the quilts from other cuts of fabric or even scraps, in addition to 2 1/2” precut strips. Whether you’re stitching from your stash or using a gorgeous Jelly Roll precut fabric pack, your version of any of these quilts is sure to be a sensation with Vanessa’s helpful tips and techniques.

Unlike regular desserts, there are no calories to consider, so what are you waiting for? As Vanessa says, “Pick a quilt recipe and ready, set, bake!”

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