Cosplayer’s Ultimate Guide to EVA Foam Book Tour

Cosplayer’s Ultimate Guide to EVA Foam Book Tour

Posted by Beverly Downen on Jan 9th 2023

Hello makers! Did you know that many of the costumes and props you see in films are created with a material and simple techniques that you can learn to use at home without expensive tools or equipment? This amazing material is called EVA foam, which is a high-quality kind of craft foam. You can use EVA foam to create your own incredible costumes and wearable art - from form-fitting armor pieces with accessories to highly detailed props - and even hair! The sky is truly the limit when you start working with EVA foam. My 240-page book Cosplayer’s Ultimate Guide to EVA Foam will help any inspired maker who wants to use EVA foam to craft their own costumes, and offers advanced techniques for seasoned foamsmiths to level up their cosplay skills!


CosplayerDownen Creative Studios

Costume: Original Fantasy Armor design

Costume Concept Art: Mathew Grigsby

Photo by Downen Photography

I’m Beverly from Downen Creative Studios! I’m a professional cosplayer and I love creating costumes and props with EVA foam. I have dreamed of writing this book for years now, and I’m so thrilled that it is finally here! This is a very large book: 240 pages, 29 chapters, over 1000 images and 4 projects! You could say that I have included everything except the kitchen sink in this book - although to be honest, you will be able to pattern and craft a kitchen sink prop using EVA foam with what you will learn in my book!

Athena_11486 book tour

CosplayerDownen Creative Studios

Costume: Athena, original design

Photo by Downen Photography

Part 1 is a bite-sized taste of what to expect from the book and how EVA foam differs from other materials you’ve probably used for your projects until now. I also introduce you to some of my favorite tools and equipment I use when creating costumes and props, most of which you can easily find in a hardware store near you.

EVA foam_11486 book tour

In Part 2 you’ll learn all about what EVA foam is and why it’s considered the material with a million possibilities by the cosplay community. This section is packed with tons of short step-by-step tutorials that will walk you through techniques and processes like cutting, sanding, priming and painting. You’ll also find a very large section all about adding textures to EVA foam to add transformative effects like metal, wood, stone, leather and more! In addition, I show you many methods of attaching costume pieces together - and to your body - to maximize comfort and functionality. I also walk you through several ways to combine thermoplastics with EVA foam to add dimension, detail and strength to your projects!

BattleDamage_11486 book tour

Above: How to create battle damage effects on EVA foam is one of many techniques you’ll learn in the book!

Baldguycosplay_11486 book tour

Cosplayer: Baldguycosplay 

Costume: Lawbringer from For Honor 

Photo by Downen Photography 

Part 3 is all about Patterning with EVA foam to make costumes and props! This is my favorite process, so I made sure to stock this chapter full of step-by-step tutorials. Follow along with my own armor build as I walk you through each step of the way, from designing, patterning, adjusting and mockups. I’ll show you how to carve beautiful shapes on your costume pieces, how to pattern oversized pieces, and how to print a large-scale pattern on your printer at home.

sidebyside_11486 book tour

Cosplayer: Downen Creative Studios 

Costume: Original Fantasy Armor design Costume 

Concept Art: Mathew Grigsby 

Photo by Downen Photography

patterning example_11486 book tour

akakioga_11486 book tour

Cosplayer: Akakioga Cosplay 

Costume: Nargacuga from Monster Hunter World 

Photo by World of Gwendana 

Part 4 is the last section of the book, and is full of projects that you can do at home! Download the patterns at home and follow along as I guide you through four projects that I know you’ll love. Use your new knowledge of crafting with EVA foam to create these spectacular props and costume pieces to use for your next costume project.

projects_11486 book tour

Download patterns and follow along with these step-by-step projects: Pauldron and Spaulder, Small Dagger, Duct Tape Body Form, Champion Helmet, Spellbook

Concept designs by Mathew Grigsby and Downen Creative Studios

Lastly, the Resources section is for you to refer to again and again. It contains a list of materials and EVA foam pattern makers that I’ve carefully curated for you to refer to along your journey as a foamsmith.

Thank you for spending your time with me during this tour! I look forward to seeing your costumes and props, and I encourage you to keep learning new things! Happy crafting!

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