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Cosplay Foundations Book Tour

Posted by Casey Renee on Jun 13th 2022


Hi, I’m Casey Renee, cosplayer, historical costuming lover and YouTuber, I’m excited to announce my first book Cosplay Foundations: Your Guide to Constructing Bodysuits, Corsets, Hoop Skirts, Petticoats & More. I’ve been making corsets and hoop skirts 2015 and once I started making foundation garments for my cosplays I couldn’t really stop. I have always loved princesses and ball gowns, my love for these things has helped me discover how historical silhouettes can influence and support modern costume design. The book includes 11 projects that I take you step by step in the processes of making.


Photo: Casey

Costume: Undergarments featured in Cosplay Foundations

This book comes with 3 patterns, and includes several charts so that you can construct a hoop skirt and petticoat to your size and height. That’s right, no more petticoat math! I also guide you through creating your very own bodysuit pattern block so that you can make and develop as many different bodysuits as you can imagine.


Photo: Alexandra Lee Studios

Costume: Based off of Ronin Warriors made and worn by NoSpaceship

On top of all the fun projects and tips that I give you in this book, I’ve also included a brief history of some of our commonly used garments like corsets and hoopskirts. These segments should aid you in finding out more about the alternative undergarments that can be made to achieve your preferred silhouette and inspire you to create the costumes of your dreams.


Photo: Alexandra Lee Studios

Costume: Based on Anne Boleyn

This Tudor era gown includes under garments such as a Spanish Farthingale, bum roll and a kirtle.


Photo: Alexandra Lee Studios

Costume: Based on Anastasia

Jedimanda made this beautiful gown inspired by Russian court gowns and features a corset, eliptical cage crinoline and a chemise.

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Comment your favorite cosplay garment below for a chance to win an ebook copy of Cosplay Foundations! We will announce the winner on this post on June 20, so make sure to check back in!

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