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Color Theme of the Day: Red and Analogous Colors

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Jun 28th 2016

Today's color theme of the day is red and its analogous colors: fuschia, magenta, blue-red, orange-red, orange, and yellow-orange! An analogous color scheme is composed of one color, plus its neighbors; you can either include one, two, or three colors on either side of the original. This color scheme includes three colors on either side.

Red and its analogous colors can go sweet or vibrant, depending on the values of the colors you choose. The helpful chart above is from the Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool by Joen Wolfrom

This quilt from Scrap Quilt Secrets definitely falls under the vibrant category! Primarily using the orange to red side of the color scheme, little bits of other colors are used in between the red. 

Even a small project, like this phone case from Girls Get Stitching, packs quite a punch when using the full range of this color scheme. Notice how the embroidery thread is used to add an additional color to the mix. 

This sweet quilt is from Quilts for Scrap Lovers. By using a lighter shade of magenta for the border, Judy Gauthier was able to tie together a broad range of colors into one lovey-dovey quilt.

How would you use this color scheme?

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