Color Theme of the Day: Blue-Green and Analogous Colors

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Mar 11th 2016

For our third installment of color theme of the day, we've chosen blue-green and its analogous colors: yellow-green, spring green, green, aqua green, aqua blue, and turquoise! An analogous color scheme is composed of one color, plus its neighbors; you can either include one, two, or three colors on either side of the original. This color scheme includes three colors on either side.

I love the ways this color combination looks so lush and rich, whether it's used in sewing, art quilts, modern quilts, or more traditional quilts. Plus, blue and green are my two favorite colors, so I'm pretty much guaranteed to love the combination!

This stunning quilt from Radiant Landscapes by Gloria Loughman uses the gradual shading of colors between yellow-green and turquoise to suggest the beauty of greenery and the radiance of natural light filtered through trees. 

Jane Hardy Miller uses the classic strategy of choosing a focus fabric (in this case, the border fabric) and building the rest of her fabric choices from there in this quilt from French Braid Quilts with a Twist.

What else is this color palette perfect for? Peacocks, of course! This cutie is a pincushion by Julie M. Creus from Adventures in Fabric–La Todera Style

In this very modern quilt by Elizabeth Hartman from Modern Patchwork, blue-green and its neighbors are assembled into circles (like limited-palette color wheels!) against a gray background. 

Even kids can get into the color scheme fun, as this adorable stuffie from Creature Camp by Wendi and Jo Gratz shows! It's an easy way for beginning sewists to pick colors that will go well together.

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