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Change How You Design

Posted by Liz Aneloski on May 9th 2019

Whether you call it negative space, white space, or background, learning how to incorporate it into your quilts will change how you design forever. At least, that's author Sylvia Schaefer's goal in her new book, The Quilter's Negative Space Handbook

Start with a traditional block and follow one of Sylvia’s eight techniques to make quilts that WOW! Your quilts will never be the same again.

Northern Lights; removing elements technique

Icy Feathered Star; standing alone (technique)

Rainbow Sun; oversized simple blocks and inverting (technique)

Paper Cranes; setting rows (technique)

gNOmEL; scattering (technique)

Corona; disintegration (technique)

River of Fire; making shapes (technique)

Buckles; extending lines (technique) 

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