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By the Yard: A Trip to the Fabric Store

Posted by Jen Lopez on Jun 26th 2019

Sewing from your stash is such a noble cause… using up what you already have instead of buying all new fabric… but sometimes you really need to break out and start fresh with something new. There have been some recent scenarios when I really felt bad about buying MORE fabric, but I really had to. For example, a friend recently bought a new house. She and her husband actually went above and beyond and built their home, a beautiful ranch. She really loves horses, and this was her chance to finally have her beloved animals living with them instead of having them boarded elsewhere. I really felt the perfect housewarming gift would be a horse-themed quilt, but of course I didn’t have anything like that in my stash. I thought making a trip to the quilt shop was worth it in this case.

Another scenario where buying new fabric outside of your stash is a must is when making baby shower gifts or wedding gifts. For these types of quilts, you really want to make them speak to the recipient, whether it's through the color scheme or the types of prints you choose.

Of course, going outside of your normal comfort zone with fabrics is going to leave you with some unusual leftovers. Where am I ever going to use that scrap lasso fabric? Or how about that pink baby sloth fabric? I can see those fabrics sitting untouched for years. To assuage my guilt, I’m planning to use them in some stash-busting projects, like pillowcases for various charitable causes, where they are sure to find a happy home.

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