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Bring Laurel Burch's Artwork to Life

Posted by Lynn Merrill on Mar 8th 2016

Her artwork has influenced a generation. Now, you can study the fantastical designs of Laurel Burch in a creative, stress-relieving coloring book! 

Coloring books have taken off as one of the hottest trends in the art world for adults, as they serve as a meditative way for anyone to get lost in art and relax. With the layout of each coloring book page already designed with Laurel’s gorgeous drawings, The Art of Laurel Burch Coloring Book takes the guesswork out of creating a beautiful masterpiece.

The Art of Laurel Burch Coloring Book celebrates Laurel’s life and the infinite realm of her imagination, where myths come alive and kindred spirits connect. Color in original drawings straight from her sketchbook, including never-before-seen designs, with her signature fantastic felines and plenty of other decorative cats, mythical creatures, human figures, fauna and flora, and more. Laurel’s art is a true reflection not only of who she was, but whom she has inspired.

One of Laurel’s most inspirational quotes is one that is especially fitting to keep in mind as you bring her treasured work to life through color: “Believe in life’s magic and miracles… but most of all, remember to believe in yourself.”

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