Boxes and Pouches and Totes, Oh My!

Boxes and Pouches and Totes, Oh My!

Posted by Jennifer Warren on Jan 23rd 2017

Finding a bag, tote, or organizer that fits your style can be difficult. Often a piece fulfills your needs in one aspect but falls short in another, leaving you to sacrifice function for looks (or vice versa).

This frustration was what inspired me to take up sewing: I was tired of going to department stores only to find the perfect style of bag in a terrible fabric or—perhaps worse—the perfect fabric ruined by a terrible bag design.

Fortunately for us, Aneela Hoey’s creations in Stitched Sewing Organizers are functional and visually appealing. Her fifteen projects provide a variety of organizers for a multitude of purposes, meaning you can create the ideal box, pouch, or tote for your needs. And you can pick fabrics to match your preferences!

Even better, many of these organizers fit into one another, providing an opportunity to make cute coordinating sets.

Two small Fabric Boxes fit neatly into the base of the Boxy Pocket Pouch to keep contents organized.

Say goodbye to settling for so-so bags and organizers!

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