Boost Your Productivity… by Quilting?

Boost Your Productivity… by Quilting?

Posted by Jen Lopez on Sep 21st 2022


I wasn’t born rich and all the stock options I’ve been promised by employers over the years have never paid off so I, like most people, must work for a living. It’s too bad that working really cuts into my quilting time. I have stacks of unfinished projects and I’m really starting to feel guilty about all the projects I planned that I haven’t even started yet. It feels like I am putting in more and more time at work, and any “extra” time I might find that I have gets spent on catching up with work. I rarely spend time on creative activities because there is always so much “work” to do. What is a quilting girl to do?

The solution may be simpler than you think: just quilt. Don’t put in the extra time at work, quilt instead… because it’s GOOD for you! As a matter of fact, deliberately carving out time to enjoy your leisure activities will - believe it or not - help you at work. A study conducted in 2014 at San Francisco State University found that people who often engaged in a creative activity scored 15-30 percent higher on performance rankings. Apparently, engaging the creative side of your brain helps bolster your problem-solving skills. There you have it, proof at last that quilting is good for your job performance.

So, tonight instead of hunkering down over some more spreadsheets, I’m going to get back to finishing my Christmas quilt. My boss with thank me!


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