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Begin making T-shirt quilts!

Posted by Mary and Jen Cannizzaro on Jul 15th 2020

Have you ever had the great idea to make a T-shirt quilt, and then get a glimpse of your raw materials? Yikes!

We are Mary and Jen Cannizzaro, mother and daughter, more Laverne and Shirley than Thelma and Louise. We are quilters who have been asked to make dozens of T-shirt quilts for our clients and friends. We're excited to introduce you to our first book, Beyond the Tee – Innovative T-Shirt Quilts.

The biggest challenge when making a T-shirt quilt versus a traditional quilt is the raw materials. You don't get choose your color pallet, and each of your items is unique – how do you make it work?

Our book begins with the basics. We teach you how to get the most out of the T-shirts, the best way to prepare them to become part of a quilt, and how to use other fabrics to compliment your clothes to pull your design together.

We got bored creating the same old typical T-shirt quilts and realized it could more interesting than simple rectangles or squares. Our mantra became "make t-shirt quilts that don't look like t-shirt quilts". Our book includes interesting designs for clothes of all sizes – kids clothing, men's ties, and ladies' floral dresses. Let us guide you through the process using your own one of a kind pieces.

Let us inspire you to create an amazing quilt that will make people ask, "You made that quilt from T-shirts?!"


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