Become a proficient sewist today

Become a proficient sewist today

Feb 13th 2023

Created for beginner to expert sewists, The Complete Manual of Sewing is the ultimate visual guide to sewing. Sewists will learn how to hand and machine sew with 120 lessons that include expert tips and tricks on various stitches, sewing collars, sleeves, waistbands, closures, and more.

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Sewing has always been challenging for me. I tried learning to sew from various outlets, and it never stuck. This book has everything I need to learn how to sew correctly. 


Instead of turning to different platforms for sewing content, which can get confusing after a while, I am happy to find a comprehensive guide.

11519_sewing machine_pink fabric

At the beginning of the book, there is a helpful breakdown of the types of necessary equipment, tools, fabrics, and even a section on organizing your workspace! This information is essential for beginners who don’t know where to start.


The Complete Manual of Sewing is a one-stop sewing book for those looking to learn how to sew by hand and by machine with beginner-friendly instructions or enhance their current sewing skills.

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This blog post is written by Editorial Assistant Karly Wallace.