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Beaded Embroidery Stitches You Should Know

Jun 8th 2022

The following is an excerpt from Beaded Embroidery Stitching by Christen Brown.


The use of beads in the bead embroidery and bead woven stitches bring a surprisingly visual and dimensional aspect to your work. The projects and gallery examples in [Beaded Embroidery Stitching] also include other components, such as buttons, ribbonwork flowers, trims, and found objects...

11309_Eastern Influences

Eastern Influences

Many forms of thread embroidery can be adapted to bead embroidery and bead woven stitches. In Bead Embroidery and Bead Woven Stitches, you will find both traditional bead embroidery stitches and unique techniques that accommodate the special characteristics of the different bead shapes and sizes.


Crazy-pieced etui using perle cotton, floss, and silk embroidery ribbon.

11309_Ivory project

Detail of CQ Sewing Caddy: Ivory and Pastel project, using a variety of bead shapes and sizes.

Crazy- and strip-pieced projects use a variety of traditional and silk ribbon embroidery stitches to embellish seams and open spaces. 

Sashiko embroidery is a very stylistic embroidery, worked with a straight or running stitch using a sashiko cotton thread.

11309_sashiko embroidery

Left: Thread example of sashiko pattern worked in perle cotton.

Right: Bead example worked with size 11° seed beads

Cross stitch embroidery is worked with the cross stitch in a pattern. It can be a simple outline or a shape that is entirely filled in with stitches.

11309_Cross stitch embroideryThread example of cross stitch worked in perle cotton #8

Bead example worked in size 11° seed beads

Brazilian embroidery stitches are worked in textured and raised stitches that rest above the fabric’s surface.

11309_Brazilian embroidery stitches

Left: Thread example of Brazilian embroidery worked in perle cotton

Right: Bead example worked with size 11° and 15° seed beads

Excerpted from Beaded Embroidery Stitching by Christen Brown. Copyright © 2019 by C&T Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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