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Back to Fabric Basics

Posted by Jeanie German on Feb 2nd 2017

How do I build a quality fabric stash? How do I take care of my stash? And how do I store it?

These questions, surprisingly or not, probably don’t jump to a first-time quilter’s mind. No doubt, visions of stunning blocks that are finished and quilted crowd out the nagging feeling that perhaps you should approach your growing fabric stash with a little more thought. And that’s where Quilter’s Fabric Handy Pocket Guide by Alex Anderson comes into play.

This essential mini book is just 3 1/2˝ x 5 1/2˝—perfectly portable—so you can keep Alex’s expert fabric guidance with you wherever you go!

Alex puts fabric basics in the spotlight: tips for fabric selection, including a look at fabric color families, light and dark values, and character of prints; working with a focus fabric; fabric storage; fabric care, including whether or not to prewash; incorporating nontraditional fabrics into your quilt; and more!

Whatever your skill level, whether you’re …
• looking for quick tips on picking fabric,
• glancing at your unruly pile of mismanaged fabrics and wondering if you’ve developed a bad habit,
• intimidated by the thought of storing more than one project’s worth of fabric,
• or in need of suggestions or reminders about other fabric basics,
… then this book is for you!

Sometimes going back to basics is all you need to get on track.

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