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Around and Round Quilt from I Love Precut Quilts!

Posted by Tricia Lynn Maloney on Mar 27th 2018

Please enjoy this fun, free project taken from I Love Precut Quilts! 16 Fast, Fun Projects • Use Jelly Rolls, Charm Squares, Layer Cakes, Fat Quarters & More by Tricia Lynn Maloney.

Around and Round

Finished block: 4 1/2" × 4 1/2"

Finished quilt: 49 1/2" × 58 1/2"

Skill level: Beginner 

49 1/2" × 58 1/2", designed and made by Tricia Maloney

I just can’t resist grabbing a pack of pretty charm squares when I shop at my local quilt shop or my favorite online store, can you? Most of the time, I have no idea what I’m going to make with it, but I still can’t resist those yummy little packs of fabric goodness. This pretty little throw goes together fast and really showcases those delightful bits with only the addition of a single coordinating fabric, making those charm square impulse purchases completely guilt free. (Wink! Wink!)


Yardage is based on 42"-wide fabric, unless otherwise noted.

Charm Squares: at least 84 squares 5" × 5"

Teal Tonal Fabric: 1 1/4 yards

Binding Fabric: 1/2 yard

Backing Fabric: 3 1/4 yards

Batting Fabric: 58" × 67"


Label the pieces as indicated.


  • Cut 7 strips 5" × width of fabric; subcut 4 strips 5" × 41" (C), 4 rectangles 5" × 23" (B), and 1 rectangle 5" × 14" (A).


  • Cut 6 strips 2 1/2˝ × width of fabric.


Seam allowances are 1/4" unless otherwise noted. Press after each step, following the pressing suggestions.

Making Rows

  1. Sew assorted charm squares together into rows. Press the seams in the same direction in each row.
  • 4 rows of 3 charms each Make 4.
  • 4 rows of 7 charms each Make 4.
  • 4 rows of 11 charms each Make 4.

Making the Quilt

1. Press the seams toward the teal tonal strips.

2. Sew a row of 3 charm squares to each side of the teal tonal A rectangle.

3. Sew a row of 3 charm squares to the top and bottom of the unit.

4. Sew a teal tonal B rectangle to each side of the unit assembled in Step 2. Then sew a teal tonal B rectangle to the top and bottom of the unit.

Quilt Assembly

5. Referring to the quilt assembly diagram (above), continue to add charm square rows and teal tonal C strips to complete the quilt top.


Layer, quilt, and bind as desired.

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