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Amy's Embroidery Stitches

Posted by Amy Marson on Aug 21st 2018

What do I love about the Embroidery Stitching Handy Pocket Guide? EVERYTHING! I have become a rabid embroiderer of late and love playing with the stitches, stretching, squeezing, infilling, expanding . . . I love to take the standard stitch and change it up. The guide is great because it has the essential stitches, combination ideas, tips, and inspiration.

Here are a few pictures of my recent projects that I did using the guide.

I want to show you both the ones that I think are successful and those I think are unsuccessful, because I think it is important to do the work to continue to improve.

Unsuccessful (I don’t like the results) 

The Mandala (left) is too organic, I think it would have been better with crisp lines for the circle. Jesse Bear (right) is something I drew on fabric from an image on my phone. I think the finished product is fine, but I don’t like how it turned out. If I had used the Wash-Away Stitch Stabilizer, the proportions would have been better and I would like it more. I did like creating all the texture just by changing the stitch direction.

Successful (I like the results) 

Another fun thing to try is filling in fabric with big spaces or outlines. I did this on the Valori Wells Boho fabric with the elephant. Here are details of the leg and the trunk. I was happy with how the embroidery added dimension and tactile interest.

For Claire’s Hand (below left), I outlined my hand and then put in things that reminded me of Claire. She is my niece and is going away to college, so I wanted to give her something made with love. I love the tight chain stitch for the heart, and the grape vines turned out nicely. Not crazy about the lattice pie . . . but that’s okay. She loves it, and that’s what matters. The silk ribbon detail is my favorite. Once again, I am all about the texture, so this one is chock-full.

I also did this sampler (above right) by working through the guide when I was home sick with a summer cold. My favorite stitch so far is always the Chain Stitch. I like the variety that can be achieved based on how tight or loose the stitches are. My next favorite is the Lazy Daisy, and then the Closed Blanket Stitch.

This new pocket guide allows me to carry it with me in my embroidery-on-the-go kit. I typically stitch when I am in the car (not driving) or on a plane (not flying), so having a compact guide for my projects is a must! Here is a peek into my travel bag. I keep all the essentials in it and switch out my thread (I use either perle cotton, floss, or ribbon). I also play with wool scraps in my work. You can also see a peek at my next project, which is The Kiss by Klimt. I will post it on Instagram as I work on it #amymarson.

This bag is compliments of my pal Becky who was visiting and had it on the table, I started to covet it, so she gave it to me! I am a lucky woman with such dear friends! You can find it or a bunch of other cute ones here:

My tips:

• Consider trying variegated floss or perle cotton; it makes for a more interesting piece and creates movement.

• Step outside your comfort zone and make the stitches random sizes—they may surprise you! 

• Stitch when you need a mental break, it is truly meditative.

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