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Amazing Pioneer Quilts from the Poos Collection

Posted by Liz Aneloski on Jul 6th 2017

Do you want a sneak peek into a privately owned collection of amazing pioneer quilts from the Poos Collection? In addition to the plethora of interesting historical facts and photos about the pioneers' journey west, Pioneer Quilts is about the amazing quilts made by and for them.

The gallery of 30 intriguing quilts will inspire you and make you wonder how they could have possibly made these quilts with bits of highly treasured fabric scraps, in surroundings with challenges we can only imagine.

Jacob’s Ladder/Trail of the Covered Wagon, 68˝ x 78˝, c. 1880

Bear Paw, 76˝ x 78˝, 1870

Wild Goose Chase, 66˝ x 80˝, c. 1875

Four Stars with Floral Border, 82’˝ x 86˝, c. 1840

Quarter Square Triangle Four Patch, 75˝ x 75˝, c. 1890

Windmill Blade/Log Cabins, 68˝ x 80˝, c.1890


• A two-page spread of each of the 30 antique pioneer quilts (with great details) from the Poos Collection (the authors’ family collection).

• Complete project instructions for five of the antique quilts.

• Brief historical information about the Great Migration, including preparing for the long trip, the journey itself, and life on the prairie once the destination was reached and how this relates to the authors’ own family pioneer history. 

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